Lindwall Law Group Advokatbyrå AB is a business law firm with extensive experience of clients in retail, advertising and communication. We have a passion for business and for our clients’ success. Through expertise, commitment and personal dialog we give you the legal advice and recommendations needed to make your business thrive.

Quality, simplicity and clarity are our guiding principles.  We are used to working with large clients who require the best of both themselves and us. Therefore we are sure to remain at the forefront and keep updated on the latest developments in our fields of expertise.

Our work often stretches across the world and we have a network of carefully selected partners in, amongst others, the Nordic countries, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, China, Hong Kong and the United States.

Our expertise includes trade, transactions, lease, labour law and trademark law.


Practice Areas

Lindwall Law Group Advokatbyrå AB’s primary areas of operation are presented below. We have a wide range of expertise while we value high quality and thoroughness in our work with our clients.

  • Labour & Employment
  • Corporate Law
  • Corporate Finance
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Transactions


Lindwall Law Group Advokatbyrå AB are continuously looking for lawyers who want to be a part of our team. We value personal commitment, independence and curiosity. If you are interested in applying to us, please email us at info@lindwalllawgroup.se. Attach CV, cover letter and relevant grades and certificates.


Johan Lindwall
Phone: +46 704921322
E-mail: johan.lindwall@llgadvokat.se

Johan Lindwall is a member of the Swedish Bar Association. Johan founded the firm in April 2013. Johan has worked as an attorney and partner at different law firms since 1997. Johan has previously, among other things, worked as a law clerk at Kristianstad district court and as a bankruptcy trustee. Johan is currently serving as a board member in several companies. Johan primarily works with transactions, commercial real estate, labor law and commercial contracts.

Master of Laws, Lund University, graduated 1990

PartnerLindwall Law Group Advokatbyrå AB, 2013 –
Partner, Ramberg Advokater, 2007-2013
Partner, NBW Advokatbyrå, 1999-2006
Partner, Wallander Advokatbyrå, 1997-1998
Associate, Advokatfirman Wallander, 1992-1996



Karolina Larsson
Phone: +46 702290173
E-mail: karolina.larsson@llgadvokat.se

Karolina Larsson has worked as an associate at the firm since September 2016. During her education she specialized in tort law, intellectual property rights and commercial law at Stockholm University and City University of Hong Kong. Karolina primarily works with intellectual property rights, commercial real estate and commercial contracts.

Masters of Laws, Stockholm University, graduated 2013

Associate, Lindwall Law Group Advokatbyrå AB, 2016 –
Legal Counsel, Salomonsson Agency, 2013-2016
Summer Clerk, von Lode advokat, 2013
Editor, Juridisk Publikation, 2011-2013
Associate, Avtal24, 2010-2012



Albin Moberg
Phone: +46 704924321
E-mail: albin.moberg@llgadvokat.se

Albin Moberg is the firm’s latest contribution. He took his Master of Laws at the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg, where he specialized in business law and international trade law. He has also read courses in european company- and insolvency law at the Autonomous University of Madrid. Albin works throughout all fields of operation when assisting Johan and Karolina in the firm’s business.

Masters of Laws, School of Business, Economics and Law, graduated 2019

Associate, Lindwall Law Group Advokatbyrå AB, 2019 –
Intern, Advokatfirman Glimstedt AB, 2018
Legal Consultant, HHGS Handelsjuristerna, 2018




Phone: +46 8 649 50 10
Fax: +46 8 640 51 11


Visiting address:
J Lindwall Law Group Advokatbyrå AB
Åsögatan 119
116 24 Stockholm, Sweden

Terms and Conditions

In order to more clearly define how we work and what our clients can expect of our services, we have terms and conditions which are applicable to our services.

The below terms and conditions apply in connection with assignments we begin March 10, 2017 or later.

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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important for us. This privacy policy describes our processing of personal data and how the data is used.

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